I’m a scientist, founder, and author. I study ocean waves in hurricanes with Prof. Brian Haus in the SUSTAIN lab at the University of Miami, supported by the National Science Foundation. I’m also building Cloudrun with my friend and cofounder Josh Noe. Cloudrun is a SaaS platform for on demand and custom numerical weather prediction. I wrote a book on parallel Fortran programming, and am a founding member of the fortran-lang.org community project.

I grew up in Serbia where I went to school and worked as a tattoo artist from 2007 to 2009. I came to Miami in 2009 for grad school. During my PhD, I worked with teams from US Navy and NASA to build and improve Earth system prediction models. You can find all my papers here. Now I write, do research, and build software. I enjoy doing many things–it makes life more interesting for me. I live in Boca Raton, Florida, with my wife Evelyn and son Nolan.

I’m here to help. My formal expertise is in wave physics, parallel computing, and Earth system model development, but you can ask me anything. I’m interested in computer science, weather and ocean prediction, cloud computing, entrepreneurship, and remote work. I answer all emails and would love to hear from you.